RescueMate RM1000 • Care Safe

RescueMate RM1000



  • Input | 3V – 15.5V   Output | 12 Volt / 1000 Amps
  • Operating Temperature | -40C to 65C / -40F to 149F
  • Output leads length | 4AWG – 400mm / 16in
  • Dimensions | 275 x 250 x 89mm / 10.8 x 9.8 x 3.5in
  • Suitable for | 10.0L Petrol/Gas & 5.0L Diesel*

Awarded the Best New Safety Product at the 2018 Aapex Show in Las Vegas. Just like a spare tyre is no use if it's flat. A traditional lithium jump starter is no use if it's not constantly recharged. The Rescue Mate RM1000 Super Capacitor Jump Starter by OzCharge is the most advanced and reliable Jump Starter on the market.
The Rescue Mate is unique that it contains no batteries which means it's extremely safe to store and transport but it also means that there's no requirement to charge it. The Rescue Mate is always ready to go.

Without any requirement to keep the Rescue Mate charged up it allows the device to be stored inside your vehicle indefinitely. The Rescue Mate utilises a unique built-in converter circuit which allows the Rescue Mate to charge up from the residual capacity in your flat battery (the one thing you can rely on having).

If you've got a Rescue Mate, and you've got a flat battery. You've got a jumpstart.

With an easy to read LCD Display and just one button, it makes the device very easy to use.

Once the Rescue Mate has charged up from the flat battery, simply press the RUN button, a countdown will begin and as soon as the buzzer sounds you start your vehicle.

The Rescue Mate can also be charged up via:

  • Another vehicle's battery
  • A 12v cig lighter plug
  • Any micro USB input including power-bank, laptop or wall charger.