South Australia's latest COVID cluster proves we should be more diligent • Care Safe

Tuesday. 17 November 2020

After 8 months of no community transmission, South Australia proves that complacency is no way to stamp out this highly contagious virus.

The South Australian Government and SA Health in a race against time to stop the spread of COVID-19 after a cluster of new cases came to light in Adelaide’s Northern Suburbs.

Whilst the Government and health officials undergo the huge task of tracing anyone who came into contact with these confirmed cases, businesses everywhere are on standby as restrictions come back into place, with more expected by the end of the week.

Proof we need to stay diligent

South Australia has been especially vigilient over the last few months, ensuring we do our part to stop the spread, however if this latest outbreak is anything to go by, we are beginning to let our guard down. And that’s no way to eridcate this deadly virus.

At the forefront of it all, are businesses who stand to risk yet another lockdown. Many South Australian business owners scrambled on Monday evening, with new restrictions coming into place from midnight, Monday 16 November.

Gyms, recreation centres, trampoline/play cafes have all been closed for an expected duration of 2 weeks. Community sports fixtures including training, have been temporarily cancelled. Funerals have been capped at 50 and churches at 100, with 1 per per 4 sqm. amongst other restrictions which you can view here. 

Businesses stepping up their efforts

As many business owners discovered during the last lockdown, communication with their customers is key. Ensuring staff education and sanitisation procedures were upheld, was of huge important to not only slowing the spread but giving their customers and clients the confidence to continue engaging with them.

So much has happened since our last lockdown back in March/April of this year, and many businesses are looking for simple and cost effective solutions that ensure the safety of their staff, customers and the community.

Care Safe.. keeping business in business.

The Care Safe Fogging Program involves the use of a fogging machine and a liquid compound that atomises instantly, creating a cloud of fog which surges from the machine.

The mist of the sanitising agent falls, lands and binds to a surface, forming a transparent protective film that kills 99.9% of bacteria and harmful germs on contact.

By the on-going regularity the Care Safe program delivers, your business is totally disinfected and sanitised within minutes.



The Care Safe Cold Fogging Program can eliminate 99.9% of viruses that settle on surfaces in just minutes!
It’s the easiest, fastest and most cost effective way to sanitise your venue or workspace.

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